Jan 13

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT-1Cognitive behavioural therapy is a relatively new form of psychotherapy that changes to the way how people think and behave.

It differs from other forms of psychotherapy in that it is all about resolving current problems of patients, rather than investing time and effort to find the causes for a problem, as is the case with some other types of psychotherapy.

One principle behind cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is the concept that our actions, feelings and thoughts are all interconnected. By getting rid of our negative feelings and thoughts, we can overcome our mental problems. It is about making people aware of these negative patterns so they can improve the way they feel.
CBT can be an effective treatment option for a whole host of mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, phobias, sleep problems, eating disorders and many more. It can also help with long-term health conditions that often may have psychological problems at the root such as chronic fatigue syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome.

Finding a CBT Therapist in the United Kingdom

In the UK, patients may get into cognitive behavioural therapy through the public health care system but it isn’t always a good option. When patients choose private CBT therapists such as those from Efficacy, they have a lot more flexibility in finding a therapist that fits their schedule.

Some providers for cognitive behavioural therapy even allow patients to attend therapy sessions online and Internet, which is another advantage that sets cognitive behavioural therapy apart from other ways of treatment. With a therapist provided by the public healthcare system, patients are often required to stick to fixed hours for their sessions, which can be a problem if people are on a schedule with their work.

The most important thing with a private CBT therapist however is that reputable providers in UK will always make sure the therapists will be accredited by the BABCP, the British Association for behavioural and cognitive psychotherapies, which is the lead organisation for cognitive behavioural therapy in the UK and Ireland

Jan 02

An Unforgettable Camping Adventure


If you want to go on holidays and want to experience a holiday destination away from the crowded touristy places and hotels, camping can be just the thing for you! If you travel with a camper van you can go and see fantastic places any time. You’re not restricted to particular areas and can experience your holiday with an unmatched freedom!

There once was a time were camping was seen as something like a low-budget holiday with disadvantages compared to a “normal” holiday – but this has entirely changed with modern camper vans.

Holidaymakers can get camper vans today that make it possible to combine the excitement and thrills of camping with the comfort of a luxury hotel! In fact, some camper vans that are available today may even outshine royal hotel suites! A kitchen area, beds, air conditioning and TV are standard today with pretty much any type of camper van, even the cheaper models.

One advantage of holidaymaking with a camper van is that you won’t necessarily have to purchase your own camper van. Let’s be honest, not everyone has most of the year available to go on holidays. Because of that it can make sense if you hire a camper van for the duration of your holidays. Usually, getting a camper van will be a lot more affordable compared to booking a hotel room or apartment.

If you travel with a camper van you can save even more money since it means that  you can self-cater. As opposed to having to dine out each and every day you can enjoy foods and drinks whenever you like it in your camper van.

With supermarket prices almost cut in half in destinations such as in Spain or Portugal, a holiday in your own camper van today can be very affordable!

Oct 18

The Benefits of an Outdoor Fire Detector

cctv-fire-detectionIn previous times, reliable fire detection in particular outdoors was anything but easy, if not entirely impossible.

The problem with traditional fire detection methods, such as smoke detectors is the fact that they can only work indoors.

Most of these devices work by detecting smoke or heat in the immediate vicinity, which makes them only suitable to work within confined spaces.

Only in recent times, new fire detection methods have evolved that make fire detection outside possible. Among these are digital outdoor fire detectors and fire cameras.

How do outdoor fire detectors work?

An outdoor fire detector works entirely differently as compared to a smoke detector. These devices operate like surveillance cameras, where the fire detection happens via software that is analyzing a live video stream. Differently spoken, a fire detection camera can “see” a fire.

Compared to traditional fire detection systems such as smoke detectors, fire cameras have several significant advantages.

The first  and most obvious advantage of a fire camera is that it can also all reliably work outdoors. The camera can simply focus on a specific area and doesn’t have to be close to the potential location where I fire may break out. This allows monitoring of large outdoor areas, fields, manufacturing plants, forests and many other places where fire detection in the past had been a a challenge.

Fire detection cameras also moreover much more than just passive devices to detect a fire.

Combined with modern GPS technology, outdoor fire detectors can not just detect fires but can also automatically summon emergency responders. By giving these teh coordinates for a fire, response times can be greatly reduced.

Despite that fire cameras can work even from a distance to spot a fire, they are normally very fast and have a very low rate for errors and false alarms. Modern fire cameras can spot a fire and summon emergency responders within 15 seconds of fire detection.

Lastly, a fire camera can easily be incorporated in any type of exiting CCTV system. This means that businesses and organizations can easily upgrade their fire safety byd simply by replacing existing CCTV cameras with fire detection cameras. The fire cameras can operate as normal CCTV cameras as well.

Oct 18

Outdoor Cinemas in the UK


Spending a night at the movies outdoors has recently become very popular in the United Kingdom.

No doubt about it , outdoor cinemas can be great fun in the hot summer months. Would can be better than watching your favourite flick with friends in a park under the shade of the trees?

More and more outdoor cinemas in the United Kingdom are now also offering things such as hot tubs, swimming pools or cozy beds for the ultimate movie fun. Some theatres offer special events such as movies at the top of a roof or at some popular, historic location.

For a list of the greatest most popular outdoor movies in the UK you might want to check out http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/features/britains-best-outdoor-cinemas-to-visit-this-summer-from-somerset-house-to-luna-cinema-10358166.html

This page at The Independent this some of the most popular outdoor cinemas can go to along with their admission fees and other helpful information.

Jan 20

Meet The Singing Waiters On Your Next Cruise

The Singing Waiters, one of the U.K.’s most popular surprise entertainment act is now also performing on select cruise ships from the UK.

singing-waiters-funThis means that you will be able to enjoy world-class musical entertainment on your next cruise!

The Singing Waiters established themselves a stellar reputation here in the United Kingdom with their immensely popular surprise performances for all types of occasions and events.

There is no question that The Singing Waiters ‘ presence on various cruise ships will make any type of holiday unforgettable.

If you want to learn more about The Singing Waiters in London you can visit their website www.secretsingers.com to learn all about them.

Jun 07

Some of the Best Beaches in the UK

beaches – UK

If you want to enjoy a great day at the beach it doesn’t always have to be in Spain, Italy or Southern France.

Some of the best beaches are in fact right in front of your door, here in the UK.

Cornwall’s one of those locations in Great Britain that has a fantastic selection of great beaches.

Check out Chapel Porth’s pretty little or the beach at Cornwall’s “The Strangles”!


Another great destination where you can find plenty of amazing beaches in the UK is Devon.

The beaches in Devon’s South are known for their fantastic islands,  turquoise sea and fine sand of fine pearl quartz..

If you want to learn more about the many great beaches in the UK, check out the above link The Telegraph which has a map along with lots of helpful information on where you can stay.

Mar 25

What’s the Best Gym?

Outdoor-Rock-ClimbingIf you love the outdoors and especially if you’re into what some call “extreme sports” like rock climbing, your fitness and overall health are extremely important! This is something which should be obvious, but it sure won’t hurt just to mention it once again.

One problem here is that not all outdoor enthusiasts are aware of the extreme importance of fitness, the other is that some folks don’t necessarily always have access to equipment all the time.

As an extreme sports enthusiast, just visiting a gym for an hour each week sure won’t be cutting it! You need to constantly be training, actually every day if you want to take this on seriously.

Not every gym in the UK suitable if you want to train for activities such as free claim being. Climbing walls are still rare in most gyms and will need to look around a bit to find a  studio that has one.

To make things worse, just recently a lot of really cheap gyms popped up in the UK, trying to compete with the more established fitness chains with dumping prices for their memberships.

Here I always say that you should take a very close look at every gym  that you might be signing up to. Don’t just look at the price but definitely check out their website and call them up if you want to know what they can offer you.

For some sports, a personal trainer can be the best option. To be honest, I consider three hours per week with a competent personal trainer a lot better than visiting a gym everyday without advice on your routines. So this is something you should look into as well.

Another good thing to look at when you choose a gym would be whether they offer specialised training classes. Not all gyms do that. Ultimately, it can be that even if a gym might cost you a few bucks more per month, the more expensive one would be much better deal as compared to one of those cheap gyms where you don’t get anything in return for your money.

Meet me at London Fields Fitness, in my opinion the best gym in Hackney. I can give you more tips and advice if you are still looking for a good gym.