Jan 02

An Unforgettable Camping Adventure


If you want to go on holidays and want to experience a holiday destination away from the crowded touristy places and hotels, camping can be just the thing for you! If you travel with a camper van you can go and see fantastic places any time. You’re not restricted to particular areas and can experience your holiday with an unmatched freedom!

There once was a time were camping was seen as something like a low-budget holiday with disadvantages compared to a “normal” holiday – but this has entirely changed with modern camper vans.

Holidaymakers can get camper vans today that make it possible to combine the excitement and thrills of camping with the comfort of a luxury hotel! In fact, some camper vans that are available today may even outshine royal hotel suites! A kitchen area, beds, air conditioning and TV are standard today with pretty much any type of camper van, even the cheaper models.

One advantage of holidaymaking with a camper van is that you won’t necessarily have to purchase your own camper van. Let’s be honest, not everyone has most of the year available to go on holidays. Because of that it can make sense if you hire a camper van for the duration of your holidays. Usually, getting a camper van will be a lot more affordable compared to booking a hotel room or apartment.

If you travel with a camper van you can save even more money since it means that  you can self-cater. As opposed to having to dine out each and every day you can enjoy foods and drinks whenever you like it in your camper van.

With supermarket prices almost cut in half in destinations such as in Spain or Portugal, a holiday in your own camper van today can be very affordable!