Jul 09

Schools If Your Children Love the Outdoors

outdoor excursions with school-large

I don’t know about you, but the best memories I have from school are from when we did excursions. Children can learn a lot about history by exploring the many great historic sites here in the United Kingdom.

But excursions, whether one visits a historic site or a museum are not only excellent to experience history close-up and personal, they can also be a good way for children to learn about our Eco system and other important matters. It sure a different thing to learn about nature and history from books as compared to experience it first-hand and in person.

On the other hand, not many schools make such excursions a high priority.

I found that it is often our private, independent schools where the children can actively take part in such exciting and informative excursions rather than spending the entire year inside the classroom.

Some private schools in the United Kingdom go even so far as to take trips to other countries. This is often because public schools in the UK might often be tight with money while private schools have a lot more freedom in this regard.

If you ask me, I consider a good education for our children as extremely important and this is why I usually don’t skimp when I choose a school. More often than not, poor education will backfire at a later time in your children’s life.

For good prep schools in Hertfordshire I can recommend the Kingshottschool but there are several more good private independent schools all over the United Kingdom. My final tip for you:  A good school is always worth it and you should never make a decision about your children’s education in a hurry.