Oct 18

The Benefits of an Outdoor Fire Detector

cctv-fire-detectionIn previous times, reliable fire detection in particular outdoors was anything but easy, if not entirely impossible.

The problem with traditional fire detection methods, such as smoke detectors is the fact that they can only work indoors.

Most of these devices work by detecting smoke or heat in the immediate vicinity, which makes them only suitable to work within confined spaces.

Only in recent times, new fire detection methods have evolved that make fire detection outside possible. Among these are digital outdoor fire detectors and fire cameras.

How do outdoor fire detectors work?

An outdoor fire detector works entirely differently as compared to a smoke detector. These devices operate like surveillance cameras, where the fire detection happens via software that is analyzing a live video stream. Differently spoken, a fire detection camera can “see” a fire.

Compared to traditional fire detection systems such as smoke detectors, fire cameras have several significant advantages.

The firstĀ  and most obvious advantage of a fire camera is that it can also all reliably work outdoors. The camera can simply focus on a specific area and doesn’t have to be close to the potential location where I fire may break out. This allows monitoring of large outdoor areas, fields, manufacturing plants, forests and many other places where fire detection in the past had been a a challenge.

Fire detection cameras also moreover much more than just passive devices to detect a fire.

Combined with modern GPS technology, outdoor fire detectors can not just detect fires but can also automatically summon emergency responders. By giving these teh coordinates for a fire, response times can be greatly reduced.

Despite that fire cameras can work even from a distance to spot a fire, they are normally very fast and have a very low rate for errors and false alarms. Modern fire cameras can spot a fire and summon emergency responders within 15 seconds of fire detection.

Lastly, a fire camera can easily be incorporated in any type of exiting CCTV system. This means that businesses and organizations can easily upgrade their fire safety byd simply by replacing existing CCTV cameras with fire detection cameras. The fire cameras can operate as normal CCTV cameras as well.